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Achieving one’s goals is no mean task. Achieving them against all odds makes the story more inspiring. In the India of the 1950s and 1960s being from a poor, Dalit family made living itself a challenge leave alone flourishing in a caste-prejudiced society. One such story I came across recently is the story of Dr. Narendra Jadhav. This article in the Times of India is sure to inspire many others.

Dr. Jadhav is today the Vice Chancellor of Pune University. Coming from very humble beginnings, with a semi-literate father who worked in the Bombay Port Trust, Dr. Jadhav’s is an excellent example of the power of education. His father’s foresight in encouraging him to study and take up what he liked most is really commendable, considering his own background of relative poverty. Being a brilliant student all through his academic career, he went on to do his PhD in the University of Indiana. Unlike many Indians who studied in the US in those years and typically stayed behind there, Dr. Jadhav returned to India. He had a meritorious career and earned a reputation for being a top notch economist.

I haven’t read his story about his father called “Amcha Baap ani Amhi” (Our Father & Us) but I am sure this as well as the re-written English version called the “The Outcaste “ which I hope to read will make very interesting reading.

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