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Thanks to Marci Alboher’s Shifting Careers blog in the New York Times, I came across Venkat Rao’s Ribbonfarm.com. I liked the simple yet very effective drawings that Venkat puts up to illustrate his points. The one regarding the evolution of work-life patterns is worth seeing.

I guess the extent to which we allow either the “work” aspects or the “life” aspects to dominate our lives is really left up to us. I say so because the mythical balance can come about only through making the right choices to meet our needs. I realize too that this balance changes dynamically at different stages of our career/life. What was awfully important to me 25 years ago, doesn’t seem to be a major draw just now. Likewise, what I looked at with scorn 25 years ago is, I am afraid, becoming awfully important to me now.

Like I hope to do, plan to visit Ribbonfarm.com from time to time to catch up with Venkat’s thoughts….and drawings.

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