For an economy to develop, one would expect employment to grow not just in the larger cities but in smaller towns as well. A constraint in many big cities has been the scarcity of skilled people- across different types of jobs. Some organisations have taken the plunge by going to smaller towns and opening up employment opportunities – not just for the men there but for women as well.

I was delighted to read in Business Today about a rising new workforce in India- young women taking up employment for the first time in such large numbers. In ” Dream Factories” , Nitya Vardarajan writes about how many young women in Sriperumbudur in the state of Tamil Nadu in India are finding employment. Not in traditional areas but in the many new telecom and electronics factories that have sprung up to form a strong manufacturing hub.

Many of these factories have a large proportion of women in their workforce. The Nokia plant here, for example, has 70 % of the workforce being women. Other big names with assembly facilities in the area include Motorola, Dell, Samsung and Flextronics. It would appear that apart from being more dexterous ( which is very important in such jobs) these young women are highly committed and quick to learn. They do not have a tradition of working in factories yet they seem to have picked up the requisite skills successfully.

In a somewhat poignant remark, T. Claimans, Senior Manager, HR & General Administration (GA), Samsung India Electronics is quoted as saying ” These days, fathers (in the region) depend more on their daughters rather than sons to sustain their families”.

Yet another insight to a changing India.

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