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We often say that we are creatures of our environment. The organisational culture we are exposed to goes a long way in crafting the way we think and behave. Here are a few examples to make the point. Over time, I have seen the most unassertive people become more demanding fashioned by an equally demanding environment.

Companies with excellent people management and talent development processes seem to develop executives with high skills in getting the best of their teams. People who have worked in organisations which give them a lot of “space” find it difficult to perform in environments where they are micromanaged.

Really it appears as if each organisation has a distinctive DNA, if you will.

McKinsey has become, says an article in the Economic Times, a “hot bed for future entrepreneurs”. It’s not surprising then that their environment, clientele, breadth of operations and global reach give their consultants everything they could ask for to prepare them – not only to become strategic advisers but eventual entrepreneurs themselves.

While McKinsey & Co – or indeed any other top flight organisation- can provide one with the knowledge and skills required to become a successful entrepreneur, at the end of the day, a whole host of personal characteristics come into play. These make the difference between  successful entrepreneurs and the many others.

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