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Today is Father’s Day and it make me happy and proud to be a father. I can tell you that being a father is a great feeling. I have been one for more than 25 years.

It was good to read what Katherine Kersten wrote in the St. Paul, Minneapolis Star Tribune: “We Need Dads 365 Days A Year”

Yes, indeed.

The role of the father has changed over the years. Now, more than ever before, they play a bigger role in bringing up their children. I was saddened to read that in the US – according to the US Census Bureau- about 25 miliion kids, roughly one in three, are living without their biological fathers.

Here’s how, I believe, we can make a difference to our kids:

  • Be a positive role model. When they are young, you are a larger than life figure for them. They model you all the time. This is the time to inculcate good habits and positive life styles in them- before they pick up the less desired behaviours- on their own.
  • Be understanding of their needs. We often look at our own interests- even with our children- and fail to see that their needs may be quite different. This frustrates you when you feel they do not appreciate what you have done for them. Not realizing that you have done something which they don’t care for.
  • Be some one they can trust and look up to. The best of relationships are based on trust.

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