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Can we have business at any cost? Is there some moral boundary that we should not cross? Or is it alright to literally cash in on a situation- which I must grant -we have not created and make the best of the opportunity?

I refer to the outcry in some sections of our society against the prominent TV soap producer Balaji Telefilms. There are reports that the Aarushi Talwar murder case is being used by Balaji Telefilms in their popular soap “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki”. I don’t watch this serial so I have no idea whether the time is opportune in the story to bring in this bit about a 14 year old girl getting murdered.

I saw on CNN-IBN a few days back a debate in which the aunt of the murderered girl made an impassioned plea not to make a commercial mockery of the family’s grief and tragedy by presenting it – even obliquely- in a popular serial.

To my mind, what Balaji Telefilms is doing is in downright bad taste. The Aarushi Talwar case is being investigated by the CBI even now. To conclude it was a “honour” killing and justify its inclusion in an ongoing serial as a platform to talk about the social issue of honour killings is abhorrent. We don’t even know for a fact , at this stage whether the Aarushi Talwar case would fall in this category.

Should  the TV producer make a windfall of one family’s tragedy? Should they not have waited till some issues are clear about the case itself? Will airing their version influence- however indirectly- the ongoing investigation?

I believe to be successful in business does mean cashing in on opportunities. But there is a limit. Balaji Telefilms is earning a bad name for their total lack of sensitivity and utter disregard for the feelings of many people- including me- who believe that a family tragedy should not be used to hike the TRP ratings of the serial.

If you had to make a decision for Balaji Telefilms in such circumstances, what would you do?

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