Do you decide based on a personality rather than on a policy? If so, how often?

This question came to my mind when I find that Hillary Clinton’s Presidential candidate campaign has come to the end of the road. Her thoughts at the end of her campaign to be the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party are well captured in this Washington Post article by Dana Milbank.

Senator Clinton tried to get where no woman has ever gone before- to be the President of the United States. Many say she lost – not only because of her gender- but because Barack Obama stood for change while she represented the older, more conservative amongst the Democrats.

Yet now that she has given it up and has publicly supported Senator Obama, the million dollar question is: How many of her supporters will support Obama against the Republican candidate, John McCain?

There are rumbles that for many it was clearly Hillary rather than Obama but they may now just swing the other way to choose McCain over Obama.

The elections- like business- are fought on the basis of both personalities and policies. Often personalities take the vote rather than policies. You may not accept a policy ordinarily. You might, however, accept that policy if it were sold to you by a personailty you admire.

Wouldn’t you like to have both? A favourable personality and a favourable policy.

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