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Robin Sharma has become a major name in the world of leadership development and personal growth. Many of his books have become international best sellers.

In a recent interview with the Economic Times, Robin spoke of his views on leadership and how every one of us has it within ourselves to become more effective as leaders.

In his interview he spoke of the 3 major regrets

that people expressed about their lives:

  1. Wish they had spent more time learning
  2. Taken more risks in life
  3. Lived with a greater sense of purpose

In my view some of the other regrets that people speak of- or think of even if they don’t readily admit to it- are:-

  1. Not making the best use of opportunities that came their way: How often have we thought of missed opportunities that we let go by.
  2. Not preparing for a “rainy day”: Being caught napping by the unexpected, both in terms of financial and mental preparedness to face difficult circumstances
  3. Not doing what they could when they could: You may have all the money you want but may not have the good health to enjoy what that money could have got for you.

Summing up, the happiest people I have come across are those who know what they want and enjoy the fruits of their success with the minimum of regrets.

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