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If you sat through the finals of the DLF Indian Premier League played at Mumbai yesterday, you would have got more than your money’s worth. Rajasthan Royals won the inaugural championship beating Chennai Super Kings in the last ball of the final over. Here is the score sheet.

At the outset of the IPL, the Rajasthan Royals were clearly the rank outsiders. Looking at their squad, many termed them the underdogs because they didn’t have the big names that many of their competitors had. Under the brilliant and inspirational leadership of Shane Warne, they won a huge proportion, 13 out of their 16 matches including the semi-finals and the finals to emerge the true champions.

Treating every team member as an equal, assigning a clear role to each member, claerly communicating expectations and allowing them to make mistakes provided they learnt from them were some of the characteristics of Warnie’s leadership.

For a team which was pretty much written off, before the tournament started, to win it -is a great feat. Winning such a tournament with the resources at his command through his inspirational leadership is a greater feat for Shane Warne. Truly, inspirational leadership can make ordinary folk perform extraordinarily.

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