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As the evening was coming to an end, I mentioned to my friends that increasingly people in India were turning to newer and more unconventional businesses than before. This struck me as being very true. More so in the case of ladies who were looking to take up different vocations while managing their homes and families. In the old days, a career meant a job at the office where more often than not one was an engineer or a finance professional, if not a marketer or a HR person.

In this context, I read with interest an article about Namita Sibal, who along with her friend and partner Manisha Gupta runs a portal called Indian Art Collectors. This brings together artists- big and small- and potential buyers-big and small, in an interesting business.

Namita works from home and this year she targets revenues of Rs. 1 crore ( Rs 10 million) from this business. Her story underscores what you can achieve if you bring passion to your work.

One of my favourite sayings goes like this: “Do something you love to do and you won’t have to work a day in your life’

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