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Very amusing to read the mistakes people have made while sending emails. I must add that it is amusing for everyone except the sender.

“What’s the Worst  E-Mail Mistake You Ever Made?” is an article in the New York Times by Stephen J. Dubner.

The most embarrassing mistake I came across concerns a mail which went from my office to a senior executive called Prashant. The mail was well written and covered all his queries. Unfortunately it began ” Dear Mr. Peasant”.

I was horrified to see what had happened. The reason for the mistake was clear. The Spellcheck we use is not designed to know Indian names. In the course of the spellcheck, it offered different alternatives when it came across “Prashant”. The person sending the mail should have said “Add to Dictionary” instead of “Change”. The keyed in word “Prashant” was accordingly changed to the suggested option of ‘peasant”.

Well one lives and learns. It made me emphasize to my team the importance  of checking every word before hitting that “send” .

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