Does your organization:

  • inspire success?
  • have an approachable management?
  • generate pride in the corporate image?
  • foster transparency?
  • follow ethical practices?
  • focus on employee development?
  • provide a caring environment?
  • share power?
  • empower employees?

If it does all these, it could be considered to be a good place to work. Today’s Times of India

tells us that The Great Place To Work Institute, India along with the Economic Times selected these as the Top 10 Best Workplaces in India for 2008:-

  1. RMSI Pvt Ltd
  2. Marriott Hotels India
  3. Google India
  4. Agilent Technologies
  5. Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd
  6. American Express India
  7. Cadbury India Ltd
  8. NTPC Ltd
  9. Godrej Consumer Products
  10. HILTI India Pvt Ltd

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