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While there are many positives fuelled by a growing economy such as more disposable income, better life styles etc, there is a darker side which often gets neglected as long it doesn’t affect us personally. I speak of our health.

Everyone likes to think that the horror stories of illness they hear and read about cannot happen to them. This ” It Cannot Happen To Me” syndrome gives us a false sense of comfort on one hand or even bravado on the other.

Our life style characterized by sedentary working, lack of exercise, too much junk food and high levels of both physical and psychological stress makes us probable victims of killer events. These could well be heart attacks, strokes and the like not to talk of other illnesses which may not fell you at one stroke but sap you over time such as diabetes.

The rationale that you are young and strong, I am afraid, is not really applicable. The number of people getting affected by heart attacks at a younger age is actually increasing. It is no longer something that happens only to old people.

Lifestyle diseases, says an article in the Times of India, could cost India a staggering $ 236 billion by 2015. This emerges from a study conducted by the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum which highlights the negative effects of a unhealthy lifestyle and faulty diets.

60 % of all deaths worldwide- that’s 35 million of them- resulted from non-communicable diseases and accounted for 44 % of the premature deaths.

So please don’t say ” It Cannot Happen To Me”. Look after yourself -before you have to. Change your habits-before you have to.

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