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Did you know that Mothers Day has been celebrated for over 100 years? Best wishes on Mothers Day to the thousands of mothers- young and old- who have given off their best for their children over the years, often sacrificing their personal interests and priorities.

Today’s working mom really needs to be Super Mom to manage the demands of her job and her family.

Here are my 7 Steps to being a Super Mom:-

  1. Determine what Success Means to You: This is a highly individualistic choice. If success means a happy family to one, it could mean a few villas and a private jet to another. Just how far you are willing to go in your quest for success- either at work or at home- really is determined by what success means to you.
  2. Clarify your Goals: Don’t be one of life’s many drifters. Going where events take them. Based on what success means to you, set goals for yourself. What would you like to do the most? What gives you the greatest satisfaction? Based on your goals, you can determine how important the different facets of your life are- to yourself and to others. In the short term and in the longer term.
  3. Compartmentalize your different roles: You are a Mom for someone, a wife for someone else, a boss for one and a team member for another. There are so many different roles you play- often with conflicting demands on your time and resources. Don’t let the demands of one role shift into the working of another. A bad day at work does not have to be followed by a bad day at home.
  4. Take care of yourself: You are invaluable to your children and your family . Take care of yourself. Often this gets a lower priority then it deserves. You look after everybody else rather than yourself.
  5. Get your family to share your responsibilities: Yup, even your kids. Teach the elder kid to take care of their younger siblings. Make your husband feel there is nothing wrong in sharing domestic chores- these need not be exclusively in your domain. Sharing makes much of the work seem less strenuous and stressful. The kids in particular become more adept at taking up responsibility- which in turn helps them in their own lives.
  6. Use a sounding board: Don’t keep all your stress bottled up within you. It could explode one day. Find an outlet to share your joys and sorrows. It could be your husband, your best friend or anyone else. Getting another’s perspective often shows us that our problems are not unique nor are they unbeatable
  7. Set realistic Expectations: This is basic but often forgotten as we strive to be the best in all that we do. Sure you want to be successful but there are limitations of time, of health, of money. Be ambitious by all means but temper that ambition with realism. You can’t do all that you would love to do for yourself and your family at the same time.

The mother’s role has perhaps been the most crucial in the development of a strong and sensible family life. She guides others, inculcates values and demonstrates the virtues of grit, sharing, selflessness and togetherness.She is a major source of influence in tastes, in culture and in work ethic.

We speak of role modeling at work. For most, the best role model is their Mom.

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