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Whether you have been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer or as the junior most engineer fresh out of tech school, you face a challenge in common. The First 90 Days on the job.

We often say that the first impressions are the best impressions. Likewise, the first 90 days on the job seem to be a good indicator of how the rest of the journey will be.

Here are my 7 Steps to Manage The First 90 Days:

  1. Understand the company’s business: What’s the business about? Get to know your products and services, your customers, your stake holders. How competitive is the business? What are the trends- globally, locally?
  2. Understand expectations from your role: You have been hired to deliver results. What is expected of you by the key stake holders? How will your performance be measured? This helps you to stay focused on the major deliverables of your role.
  3. Get to know the people: Ultimately, the people around you matter- a lot. Get to know your boss, your colleagues, your team members. This gives you great insight into their working styles, their preferences and their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Find out how you can contribute best/most: Consistently demonstrate your competence. At the end of the day, what matters most is not the efforts you put in but the results you deliver. Be target driven and result oriented. There are areas where you can score over others. Map and develop your competences to meet the business needs.
  5. Volunteer and make your self visible: Look for opportunities where you can make a mark.Visibility is important in any organization. Make sure you are visible- for the right reasons. Volunteer for challenging assignments. Be bold enough to make a difference.
  6. Be sensitive to the culture: Every new comer has to learn what makes up the culture of the organization. Particularly in the early days, be sensitive to the “do’s and don’ts ” in the organization. Seek to understand these nuances before attempting to make big changes.
  7. Let your work set you apart: Let your performance set you apart rather than anything else. Don’t allow your personal habits, your dress sense or your taste for the unconventional set you apart.

How you fare in the first 90 – if not less- days is your first evaluation in the organization. This evaluation may be formal or more often, informal.

Give those responsible for hiring you reason to be proud of their choice and decision.

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