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Most executives are struggling to cope with an information overload. The number of emails one gets per day in a reasonably sized organization is not funny. Many executives claim that a fair amount of their time goes in writing and reading emails.

One of the ways of improving your management of time is to write concisely. Saving more words means saving more time. Both for you the writer and for your reader.

Concise writing is not restricted to reports, journals and articles. It is as applicable for email and any other business correspondence.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston of Syntax Training has a neat post about concise writing.

She suggests we try to reduce what we have written by 10 % at first and aim to reduce it by 20 % later. Sound advice.

Practice makes perfect so go ahead and start editing some mails you have written in the past to practice this skill.

Start right away with this one:-

” I shall endeavour to make sure that the mails I write in the future will not be so long winded and more easy to read for my reader”

Isn’t ” My concise mails will make reading easier” much better and more effective?

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