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The Chartered Management Institute in the UK produces from time to time research reports that provoke thought and make for interesting reading.

I came across “Management Futures – The World in 2018” recently. The study predicts what the world of work and management will look like and examines how organisations can prepare for it.

This study is strongly recommended for both students of management as well as for practicing managers.

To my mind the following will be important trends- the world over:

  • Organisations will become more and more virtual
  • The premium for key talent -as distinct from mere hands and heads- will increase astonishingly
  • Being technology savvy will get you into the race. Without it, you are almost illiterate
  • Being people savvy is crucial for success. Dealing with the new aspirations and ambitions of a multi-cultural, widely dispersed workforce to produce business results will be the challenge.
  • Developments in technology will make change take place more rapidly than ever before. Being equipped to deal with different facets of managing change will be an integral part of the managerial job.

What trends do you think will affect management and managers?

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