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Often we think that creativity is the exclusive domain of a few. Try this one on your friends. Ask them to name 10 creative people whom they either know or have heard or read of. Most likely the list will include Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison, Michelangelo and so on. The chances are bright that very, very few will include their own names in their lists.

Yet if we think about it, there is scope for all of us to be creative in our jobs. To my mind, being creative does not mean being outlandish or wacky but means stretching our imagination to think of alternatives we usually don’t or won’t think about.

If you thought ebooks were drab, look at some made by Mark McGuinness at his site Wishful Thinking- Inspiring Creative Professionals. Amazing stuff. Not only is the content absorbing but the design with its colourful illustrations, pictures and graphics make the books eminently readable.

Mark says he is a poet and a business coach. We know that poets are essentially creative types and one can easily see the depth of creativity that Mark displays.

My learning from a visit to Mark’s site:

  • You can be different and yet effective
  • Don’t hold your imagination on a tight leash
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphics enhance the appeal of your work.

Congratulations, Mark on your terrific books. You have underscored for me the importance of being creative.

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