A lot of debate has been generated in the blogosphere by an article in the New York Times titled ” In Web World of 24/7, Writers Blog Till They Drop”.

Two well known bloggers paid the ultimate price for their passion – they died on the job. My view is that what happened to them could happen to anyone else doing their jobs, be it driving a truck, flying a plane or fixing a bug.

It was not blogging that led to their untimely deaths. It was the pressure of what they chose to do – possibly for a livelihood.

I understand the pressures of compulsive blogging myself. I am an avid blogger and keep warning myself that I could- if I am not already- get addicted to it. But I guess it is less harmful than smoking-another addiction I managed to give up a few years ago.

I feel the answer lies in moderation. Enjoy what you are doing. Don’t let it cross the thin line where it moves beyond being an interest or even a passion-to a being the means to an abrupt end.

The “Last Post” is traditionally the military tribute to the fallen soldier at a funeral. Let not deaths through blogging give new meaning to the “Last Post”.