A Step A Day was started to provide perspective and provoke thought to facilitate self-development across a wide spectrum of issues- big and small- crucial for executive success.

Completing 125 straight posts (every day for 125 days on the trot) on A Step A Day has been for me a landmark of sorts.

As a blogger, I am glad A Step A Day has evoked a fair amount of interest. I realize this not only by the comments to these posts but also by the mails I have received. In them readers have asked questions, raised issues, shared experiences and given suggestions.

I would like to reach out to more of you for your thoughts and feedback on A Step A Day. Likewise, for those of you who may wish to reach out to me, here are my contacts:

Mail: bprao@people1stconsulting.com

Telephone: 91-80-41675083 & 91-9845065903.

It would be great to hear from you:)