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In a workshop I facilitated, there was a need to develop the self-confidence of the participants. Self-confidence comes through feeling good about ourselves and our capabilities.

Here is an activity, you might like to try to build self-confidence in your team.

This is best done in small teams. A max. of 5 is perfect.

Get the team to sit around in a circle. Explain the game’s methodology.

  1. Every participant will get a chance to share an achievement he/she is proud of. They take turns to do this.
  2. Each person, one by one, shares an accomplishment they are proud of. This may be either work or non-work related. “I recently won the table tennis championship on my floor!” is perfectly acceptable.
  3. While the participant speaks, others observe and look for positives in the participant.
  4. At the end of each person’s story, the observers give their take on the positives that that have made the achievement possible. The speaker summarises with their own perception of their top strengths.
  5. After all the members of the group have completed their turn and got feedback on their positives, we have some time for reflection. What did they like about the activity? What did they gain from it?

Invariably, you will find that:

  • People feel good when their achievements are praised
  • People feel good when others see some positives in them
  • People feel good when they share with like minded others

Take aways for the participants include:

  1. Greater sense of self confidence
  2. Higher awareness of strengths
  3. Better relationships with team members
  4. A stronger feeling of belonging to the team

Try this after one of your team outings and I am sure you will find this useful.

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