Does your resume reflect your personality or is it a standardized template which makes you no different from the thousands coming out of an assembly line of candidates?


I must hasten to add that I am not at all talking about those who fake their resumes. An act I abhor. A report I read about recently said that as many as 23 % of resumes had factual errors ( read: were fudged).


I ask a different question. Is your resume a true reflection of yourself?


Can the reader picture you as a person on reading your resume? Many a time, we who hire, feel a major sense of disappointment when we see the candidate in person. The resume gives a tremendous build up to the individual but in person, the candidate comes out not half a strong as the resume would suggest.


Some resumes I see are altogether too verbose. They are cliché ridden. They talk of “leading edge”, “frontier thinking” ,“excellence” and “ competences” without candidates being able to substantiate their claims.


Does your resume reflect your strengths? Does it indicate what you are capable of and speak of your achievements?


The amount of painstaking detail put in about every possible project completed makes some resumes a bulky thesis. Who has got the time, interest or energy to wade through that mass of information? The reader wants to know at this stage what you did. What are your achievements? Save all the detail about how you did it for later.


While on one hand we give too much information, on the other -key data is shockingly overlooked. I have seen resumes without contact details, being sent to me though addressed to a competing company and many more such blunders (obviously cases of “Ctrl C & Ctrl V” and poor efforts, at that).


Resumes with typos, wrong dates, etc are not acceptable. The reader sees these as a poor reflection of the candidate. If this is the quality of work the person offers, can one blame the reader for having a negative impression of the candidate right from the start?


Your resume is like your passport to success. Without a well written and well presented resume, there is no way people interested in hiring you can know about you.


Show yourself in a positive light. Make that first impression- count. Preparing your resume calls for time and effort- but which important task doesn’t?


Before you shoot off your resume, read it once more and ask yourself: “Is that me in my resume?”

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