Here’s a comment I received recently which pleased me. “Prem – congratulations on making our list of the Top 50 Blogs For Advancing Your Career. From reading through your blog, we really admire your unique articles on building a successful career. You can find the full write up right here.”

Success in HR is about helping people succeed in the HR field. The site begins by saying : “Welcome! On this blog we’re going to share blunt, no BS , street-smart strategies for advancing your career, impact and income in HR. We will be sharing our bare-knuckled experiences in working every day with business clients who are pressured every day to meet quarterly and often unforgiving targets for profitability, productivity, sales and costs. ”

I am glad that “People at Work & Play” has made their list of Top 50 Blogs For Advancing Your Career. Over time, we hope to improve upon our rank of 48!

Success in HR, like the late Eric Morley used to do when announcing ” Miss Universe” appear to be announcing their list in reverse order. We need to wait and see which blog is rated No.1 !!