Since this is the 100th post in the “A Step A Day ” series, I do hope this has been as informative and educative to my readers as it has been to me as the blogger.

As an executive coach, I consider myself to be a facilitator in the development of your career. My job is to offer unbiased advice when it comes to the matter of making career choices.

Smart people do not allow themselves to be overtaken by events. They know what they seek and work actively to reach their goals. Career goals differ vastly from person to person. A factor like high pressure at work which may be the biggest driver for one may quite easily be the main factor for another to seek a change.

You may wish to seek career guidance when you are:

  1. Exploring opportunities outside the organisation that employs you
  2. Developing competences to grow within the organisation that employs you
  3. Evaluating starting an organisation of your own

The rapidly changing world around us makes it essential for us to equip ourselves – not for today or tomorrow -but for a far more uncertain future. Steve Kerr, GE’s former Chief Learning Officer said ” There’s plenty of evidence that if you don’t find dramatically new ways of doing business, you are not going to be in business”. To my mind this applies equally to careers as well.

What are the performance improvements you can bring about in your job through innovation? What do you do in your day to day work to keep you ahead of the curve? What can you do to discover new ways to delight your customer?

Gary Hammel wrote: ” When you dig into the workings of wealth creators, you will find that most managed to grow….by changing the basis of competition”.

If this be true for business strategy, as part of your personal growth strategy,what can you do as an individual to re-new yourself to achieve your career goals?

As you would have realized, to get ahead, you would need to invest time, money and effort to prepare yourself to succeed in your career. Coaching is a process which can support you in such an endeavor.

I wish you every success in developing your career. I can be reached at bprao@people1stconsulting.com.

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This is the 100 th of the “A Step A Day” series : To provide perspective and provoke thought to facilitate self-development across a wide spectrum of issues- big and small- crucial for executive success.