Fame, they say, is fickle. One moment you are the hero of a billion people. A few weeks later, people are wondering what has happened to you.

I am talking of Yuvraj Singh and his pathetic performance in Australia. I knew he had not done well but didn’t realize how bad “bad “was  until I saw this graphic in today’s Times of India.

The hero of the Twenty20 who hit 6 sixers in a over and scored that 169 in a Test versus Pakistan to push for a place in the Test side so strongly has scored precisely 39 runs in this tour so far at an average of 4.33 !

His scores: 6 not out vs Victoria, 0 & 5 in the 1st Test, 12 & 0 in the 2nd Test, 2 & 3 vs ACT, 2 in first ODI, 3 in second ODI and 6 in third ODI. In Tests, 17 runs @ 4.25 with a strike rate of 35.4. In ODIs, 11 runs @ 3.66 with a strike rate of 39.2.
This lean trot is definitely an aberration as he has a fine record and great potential. He has been made the Vice Captain of the ODI team as he is a key player.

His poor form has been compounded by his knee injury. There are many reasons talked about for his loss of form. Our speculating helps in no way. He knows the answer himself.
For the sake of the team, let’s hope he gets back his form-fast!