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The rapid growth in India’s economy has seen the creation of many jobs in the HR function. Most organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to attract competent HR functionaries. Job and growth opportunities have seen a wide variety of people enter the profession, some qualified, others not.

In this context, here is a program which has been well conceived by the National HRD Network, Bangalore Chapter. They have designed their Program on HR Competence Development to fulfill what I believe is a much wanted need.

This program spread over 13 weekend days over 6 months is targeted towards people in HR with 1-6 years experience who would like to get formal inputs in the different facets of HR.

Topics covered include HR Planning & Staffing, Performance Management, Compensation Management, Employee Development, Career Management & Managing Culture & Change.

The investment for this program is Rs. 33,000 with a special rate of Rs. 27,000 for NHRD members. Details can be had from Mr. Narayan, Tel: 91-80-26762661. You can also mail NHRDCOMPDEV@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected with this program but recognize the good effort being done by the Bangalore Chapter of the NHRD Network.