As a trainer/facilitator you come across many different types of participants. Most are keen to improve themselves but from time to time, you do come across a few who, if not nipped in the bud, can upset the rhythm of your session.

Here are 3 examples I share which you may find useful:

There was a participant who kept walking in and out. This was upsetting me and the audience and becoming a distraction. I asked the audience if they had noticed this. When they said they had I asked them to keep score. The next time the person walked in after going out, the entire group yelled ” Five”! This was enough to keep the participant moored for the rest of the day.

I know how much a smoker craves for a cigarette. I smoked for 35 years and should know this better than most! In a session, a young man felt extremely uncomfortable and became restless from time to time. I could see this from his gestures. I told him that he could call out loudly that he wanted to step out whenever he felt like smoking. Needless to say, this invitation was not accepted and he hung on till the next break. As expected, he didn’t want the rest to know how addicted he was.

Another participant is the Mr or Ms. Know All. They have a comment on everything. Use them to your advantage. They make things easier for you. If they go out of hand, ask the audience if they think alike. For example, if Mr. Know All says something need not be explained, say you would like to check with the others. If he says something is not relevant or applicable to them, check with the others once more. More often than not, the peer pressure that results will sort out the matter without your additional effort.

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