Citizenship and Immigration Canada, which manages immigration and resettlement services for the Canadian government, has asked employees to observe a BlackBerry Blackout.
The department’s deputy minister, Richard Fadden, sent out a memo asking employees to implement a BlackBerry “blackout” between 7 p.m. and 7  a.m. and on weekends and holidays.

Interesting idea. I mean just see how addictive the BlackBerry is. Leave alone at work, it has virtually become to many an extension of themselves. Apart from at meetings and the workplace, the BlackBerry has us in its hold at the park, at the gym and on the beach. I won’t be surprised to hear that a mountain climber announces his success by dashing off a message on his BB!

Years ago, when I first saw someone speaking on his cell while driving I thought this wired up guy was talking to himself.  I thought he was pretty animated for one one thinking out aloud! Later it was evident that he was driving, speaking to his team mate, listening to music, pulling down his email and sending a message at the same time. Ok, he was breathing and humming with the music, too !

The BlackBerry is a fascinating convenience. But it has no magic. If you don’t control your use of it, you allow it to soon take control of your life.