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The recent Twenty20 match between India and Australia was awaited with much excitement. You couldn’t have asked for a more one sided match.The Aussies walked all over the Indians – bowling them out for a paltry 74 and winning with 9 wickets to spare. Skipper Dhoni said his players forgot their roles and responsibilities.

This post is not about that match. It is to highlight key steps in team formation- relevant for teams in both sport and business. By the way, isn’t sport particularly cricket becoming more like business and less like sport these days?

Here are a few points I find very important for success:-

  • The team must be clear of their goals and objective
  • Every player must be conscious of his/her role and responsibilities and how they affect the overall team
  • Team members performance should be constantly evaluated
  • Communication between leader and team members and between the team members themselves should be open and issues raised without fear of reprisals
  • Regular and clear feedback should be given on improving individual and team performance
  • The team should periodically re-visit their goals and see how they can better results by learning from past experiences.

Time and time again, events prove that individual brilliance cannot make up for a lack of team work. Ultimately, a leader is as successful as his/her team.

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