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The Economic Times carries an interesting interview with Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr, who has been with PriceWaterhouseCoopers for the last 34 years and been CEO since 2002.

Mr. DiPiazza spoke of the challenges faced by organizations in developing countries as they seek to be more global. For firms like his, the fast growing developing economies like India and China represent a high growth segment as compared to the developed countries.

Says Mr. DiPiazza “The developed world is slowing down. But the developing world is accelerating. So there is movement of capital, movement of business. It is clear and irreversible”.

What Mr. DiPiazza had to say about inclusive growth was very telling. He said :” Business cannot succeed in a society that fails. When we say sustainable it means business is not going to live for a year but decades. Responsible businesses have to be committed, not just around the environment but education and health. Its not about charity. It’s about building businesses that get strategic advantage by making sustainable communities. ”

He concluded by saying that responsible companies around the world support regulation and compliance, voluntary and imposed, to take business to a more responsible level, otherwise societies will not succeed.

One naturally wishes to see what PWC itself does. Have a look at their section on Corporate Social Responsibility.