I decided to research a bit about postures when an executive friend recently confided in me about the excruciating back pain he was getting daily. The reasons were not far to find. Very limited exercise, slouching in his executive chair and at meetings for most of the day, more time watching TV or catching a movie later on with a poor sitting posture.

Posture is about the way we stand, the way we sit. Just how important is your posture? The differences between good posture and poor posture are graphically illustrated in the Washington Post. Without realizing it, we are causing unnecessary harm to our body through poor postures.

In an age when we spend huge amounts of time in sedentary work, posture can help or hinder our overall health.

The Cleaveland Clinic has useful information on the right postures while standing, driving, sitting etc. These are relatively small things but somehow we tend to overlook them until the problem becomes too much to bear.

I hope this post will help my groaning friend.