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As mentioned many times in this blog, for those who went to XLRI, Jamshedpur around my time, Fr. Ed McGrath was a favourite Prof. We admired his excellent communication and ability to put things across simply yet so very effectively.

Here is a sample of his communication. He wrote about 12 ineffective practices

in “How To Create Conflict & Frustrate Your Men”:-

  1. Neglect to practice what you tell them to practice
  2. Take credit for their work and fail to give them recognition
  3. Take positions and make judgements after having heard only one side of the story
  4. Send written messages when you can as easily talk directly or phone
  5. Short-circuit regular channels of communication and delegation
  6. Insist that subordinates come to see you rather than going out to meet them
  7. Make yourself accessible to your people
  8. Supervise one-on-one even though the whole team as a group is affected
  9. Keep your subordinates confused as to whether you are telling them, consulting them or deciding with them
  10. Run away from, suppress or smooth over problems
  11. Rely on your personal authority more than on authority of competence, personality or character
  12. Introduce change without consultation or discussion

Source: “Basic Managerial Skills for All” -E H McGrath, SJ.

Take stock. Are you guilty of some of these actions? Avoid these actions. Instead, use this list to plan actions you will take for more effective leadership.
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