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In case you have not noticed, let me say that today is a minor landmark, “A Step A Day” reaches 50 – half a century for us cricket lovers!

I quote from my first post in this series on November 27, 2007:

“The objective: provide perspective and provoke thought to facilitate self-development across a wide spectrum of issues – big and small- crucial for executive success.

I hope this will be useful to many at my client companies.. At this stage of my life and career, my personal goal is: To Help People Grow.”

Everything you experience today, writes Jack Canfield, is the result of choices you have made in the past. He gives the example of an event – you are given a $400 bonus. If your response is to blow it up, the outcome is that you no longer have the $ 400.

For the same event, if your response was to invest it in a mutual fund, the outcome would have been an increase in your net worth.

We have no control over many things in life. But as Jack writes, we have control over 3 things:

  • The thoughts you think
  • The images you visualize
  • The actions you take

You have to bring about positive changes in the way you look at things and act on them. I hope this series will provoke people to think and act differently. Too think and act for the better.

“If you keep on doing what you have always done, you’ll keep on getting what you have always got” !

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