Life is full of ups and downs. You don’t get all the orders you bid for. Every one you hire may not join you. The great idea you think of may not actually work in practice. Something you had worked hard to achieve may not come through. This is part of every day life.

One trait that sets effective managers apart from the run-of the-mill manager is psychological resilience. This term used in psychology means an ability to cope with adversity.

Whether outcomes are successful or not is determined by the presence and balance of both risk factors and protective factors over time. People with resilience tend to take more risks while people with lower resilience are more risk averse.

Resilient people have the following characteristics:

  • Ability to “bounce back” and “recover from almost anything”
  • Have a “where there’s a will, there’s a way” attitude
  • Tendency to see problems as opportunities
  • Ability to “hang tough” which things are difficult
  • Capacity for seeing small windows of opportunity and making the most of them
  • Have deep-rooted faith in a system of meaning
  • Have a healthy social support network
  • Have the wherewithal to competently handle most different kinds of situations
  • Have a wide comfort zone
  • Able to recover from experiences in the panic zone or of a traumatic nature

While having resilience in itself is a good thing, in many walks of life, it makes eminent sense to have a back up . This is an alternate course of action to fall back upon in case things don’t go as planned. A “Plan B”, if you will.

Having a back up, makes the setback more manageable and helps you to bounce back without too much of a problem.

Use tough times to learn new things, build a new life, re-examine priorities, form new friendships, mend old relationships, and build yourself up- to be ready for the upturn.

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