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Mercer the global consulting firm has a series of research studies called “What’s Working?” which provide insight to best practices in different countries. As part of their commitment to research-based consulting, Mercer conducts a series of national studies across the globe. These help them identify national trends and perceptions of work, and develop scientific norms to evaluate clients’ specific survey results.

Employee engagement goes beyond the employee’s intent to leave. It includes the
employee’s commitment to the organization and motivation to contribute to the
organization’s success. Over the last several decades, the drivers of employee engagement have changed. By analyzing key drivers, Mercer found that employee confidence in senior management and the organization’s reputation for customer service emerged as the primary drivers of engagement in India – right along with the perennial driver, fair pay.

The main drivers for engagement were:

  1. Confidence in senior management
  2. Paid fairly given performance
  3. Organizational reputation for customer support
  4. Sense of personal accomplishment
  5. Comparable benefits to industry
  6. Regular feedback on performance
  7. Reasonable workload

Use these factors to map how well your organization and team stack up. Are you doing a great job on these 7 factors? Are your employees truly engaged?

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