Even at the risk of over simplification, a good read is “Good Boss or Bad Boss. Which are You?” by Paul R. Brown in the New York Times.

As I went through the list of attributes that made bosses good or even bad, one point was re-inforced in my mind. Ultimately, it is the way we conduct ourselves that makes these impressions on others. The points listed are not earth shaking. They are so simple yet we do not give them the required importance or priority.

The good news is that no one became a good boss from the day he/she was born. They learnt the ropes as they went along, learning from their mistakes and picking up good practices and habits from more effective others.

The bad news is that if we are not careful and practice effective managerial skills as a matter of course, we could become complacent and lazy. Within a short while, we slide downhill as we ignore the things we gave importance to yesterday.  Sooner than later we end up as a bad boss!

So it’s really up to you. Take your pick. Would be rather be know as a good boss or a bad one?