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Over a month (and 36 posts on the way) has passed in my Personal & Professional Development series called A Step A Day. I am glad that quite a few readers have spoken/written to me with positive comments. Interestingly, some want the posts to be shorter in length. Others have asked for more detail. I frankly don’t know where the answer lies. We’ll find out as we go along!!

I did some reflection myself. Who is this targeted towards? Not only the more conventional manager in a corporate organization but, I would like to think, to many others too. The first time entrepreneur. The family business owner. The HR professional beginning his second career as an independent professional and so on.

In India, unfortunately in my view, a HR consultant is pretty much tagged as a recruiter. This is because of the huge size of the recruitment market. Whenever I say I am a HR consultant, I am either asked whether I can accept one more resume or whether I can send a suitable candidate!!

Today’s post is directed to the true HR consultant. Who facilitates change in organizations. Who facilitates performance improvement as an external expert.

Here are ways in which the external expert can add value in a consulting assignment:

1.    Help set the strategic agenda
2.    Provide a process for thinking
3.    Probe issues by asking the right questions
4.    Be unafraid to ask questions that others may not ask
5.    Facilitate the thinking process
6.    Collate and analyze relevant data
7.    Facilitate different thinking in the team
8.    Act as a catalyst for decision making and action planning
9.    Be a honest sounding board at all times
10.    Provide constructive feedback on progress and outputs
11.    Help to identify and overcome weak areas
12.    Build energy and enthusiasm for achieving the results
13.    Guide people without being domineering
14.    Review progress periodically
15.    Plan for a gradual exit on achieving the assignment objectives

In my experience, this list helps you stay focused. Your work will not only be appreciated by your clients but will be richly rewarding to yourself.

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