The results are out. A very pleasant surprise. In the New Hampshire primary for nomination to be the Democratic candidate for the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama. In the early days of the campaign, she was supposed to be far ahead. More recently, she was beaten to the third place by Obama in Iowa.

Her show of emotion in New Hampshire has brought to the fore an issue which could either help or stop her from becoming the first lady to be the President of the United States. Is it ok to show emotion? Are tough guys/tough gals not supposed to display their emotions? Is showing emotion a sign of weakness?

I believe showing emotions is a good thing. It brings out your inner feelings and makes you more natural and genuine. I am not suggesting that one should be melodramatic or over do the emotion bit. Even at work, it is sensible to show emotion appropriately to get others to know how you feel about something. Keeping your emotions tightly within you does you no good over time.

One day it is bound to erupt -with consequences far worse than if you had showed your emotions in the first place.