A 47 year old Indian-American lady has just won one of the world’s most highly prized jobs. Now being called the geek queen, Padmasree Warrior, has been appointed as  Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer.

She fills a post left vacant since July when Cisco promoted former CTO, Charles Giancarlo to the post of chief development officer. Cisco Systems was ranked No. 11 in the 100 Best Companies To Work For in 2007 by Fortune.

Warrior was the highest-ranking female executive in Motorola’s near 80-year history, achieving the rank of corporate vice president and CTO. Cisco chairman John Chambers , to whom she reports, has already dubbed her the world’s technology visionary.

She was once ranked as the 11th most influential global Indian and called a “rising star” by Fortune magazine.

To her credit, while at Motorola, Warrior was acknowledged for the introduction of a blog, ‘Innovate’, on which the company’s 25,000 engineers were encouraged to share ideas and information. “The future belongs to the genius of the collaborative innovator. In the past we had this notion of engineers working by themselves in isolation and trying to come up with things. And that whole paradigm is changing,” Warrior said

Warrior holds a MS degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University and a BS degree in chemical engineering from IIT Delhi. In 2007 she was awarded Doctor of Engineering, Honoris Causa from New York’s Polytechnic University.

Another case of a lady making it to the top of her profession. Another case of an Indian-American executive making a name for herself in the corporate world.