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Die hard Dilbert fans have something to grieve about. Sadly, Asok the intern is no more.The IIT-educated supergeek with telekinetic powers, who charmed millions of readers across 2000 newspapers in 65 countries for over 11 years with his innocence and geekiness, is no more. He was created by Scott Adams in March 1996, 7 years after Dilbert was launched.

“I am sad to report that Asok the Intern died during a test of our moon shuttle prototype,” cartoon world’s most evil boss announced on Friday. Even in his death, Asok did not ignore the cause of science – “Before he left, he put a sample of his DNA in a jar,” the Pointy-Haired Boss added. “His plan is to reincarnate into his own clone.” That may seem doubtful, though. Carol, the misanthropic secretary, now uses the jar as her second candy storage device.

Although Soctt Admas never mentionesd Asok’s nationality, his education at the Indian Institute of Technology and his love for Hindi songs make his origins self-evident.

In his book Seven Years of Highly Defective People, Adams said why he left out Asok’s nationality: “I only like characters who have huge, gaping character flaws. The world is far too sensitive to let me get away with a highly flawed minority member.”

Adams gave Asok extraordinary powers, though. He had an IQ of 240; he could reheat a cup of tea by holding it to his forehead while thinking of fire; and once, in 2005, he vapourised an obnoxious Texan (sometimes, if he is hungry during meetings, he also steals doughnuts using only his mind). He also had the ability to solve complex problems with a few keystrokes. And yes, he also slept only during national holidays.

RIP, Asok. We’ll miss you.

PS: Considering his origins and geekiness, can we expect a re-incarnated Asok 2.0 in the future?