A recent issue of Business Today tells us that Indians are the most upbeat about life in the Asia region. Research from AXA Asia Life shows that 82 % of the “mass affluent” ( the top 25-35 % of the population) in India have neither started planning for, nor taken care of  their retirement needs. AXA Asia is part of the giant AXA Group.

It appears that for Indians the first priority was career, followed by health, family and retirement in  that order.

As many as 85 % of Indians surveyed were satisfied with their lives – the highest for any country in the region. The Philippines was next with 72 % followed by Indonesia at 47 %.

Another insight was that although 76 % of Indians were concerned about the rising costs in childrens’ education only 1 % had invested in education plans.

However, the survey size was not very big. It covered 2400 people aged between 25 and 50 years in 8 markets in Asia.