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Subroto Bagchi, COO of MindTree Consulting is to my mind an example of today’s successful executive.

He is the author of “The High Performance Entreprenuer” . This book has excellent and highly practical insights to offer to those who wish to pursue the entrepreneurial path.

Today’s newspapers carry the announcement of his assuming a new position and- almost definitely an unique title -within MindTree , that of “Gardener”.

In the old days, we used to say of those who were good with people development that they had “‘green fingers”. An analogy from gardening where some have the knack of making plants bloom in almost any circumstance.

Knowing Subroto as I do, I am sure this investment being made by MindTree (and it is a big investment, make no mistake about that) will pay off manifold.

He is excellent with people – be they employees or customers and that makes him one of the best leaders I have come across.