“Now, Technology decides your work place” says an article in the Economic Times.

It explains how technology has facilitated greater convenience to executives at lower costs. We peek into the working lives of two executives in Cisco and IBM and see how they manage their international assignments working out of Bangalore, India.

Last year , Cisco launched a new technology called TelePresence that makes videoconferencing look like a technology of the Neanderthal ages. Using life like images, high definition video and special voice recording devices TelePresence makes it possible for people sitting in different rooms around the world to connect with each other as if they are sitting across a table.

There are 157 TelePresence rooms across Cisco offices today. Unlike video conferencing, which needs an IT executive to set up the call, TelePresence, claims Cisco, can be launched at the touch of a single button.

But don’t expect your HR head to go running out the door to buy this technology. For one, it is still expensive. It costs about $300,000 (Rs 1.17 cr) to set up a single TelePresence room.

The executives remark that technology can be a good master but you should not end up as a slave to it. Being accessible 24/7 does not mean working 24/7.