Every one of India’s tech companies wrestles with issues of attrition amongst employees. But why do India’s IT people change jobs?

A survey published by Dataquest-IDC of the Best Employers for 2007 has these as the top 10 reasons:

  1. Salary & compensation: also the top ranking factor in 2006, although the percentage giving it Rank 1 has fallen somewhat.
  2. Overseas opportunity: Replaces “Growth opportunities” as No.2. But people look for relatively shorter duration assignments abroad.
  3. Growth opportunity/career development: Fallen from No. 2 last year.
  4. Location: Considered more important than last year but in the same rank- No. 4.
  5. Technology one is working on: Pretty much same as last year.
  6. Job content: Same rank as last year with a lesser % just like “Technology”
  7. Perks & Benefits Same rank as last year with a much lesser %
  8. Flexibility with office hours/balancing of social life: Same rank as last year with a lesser %
  9. Appraisal system: Pretty much same as last year.
  10. Company image: Pretty much same as last year

Interestingly, amongst the factors ranked lower, job security climbed to rank 11 from 14; Interpersonal relations fell to rank 16 from rank 13 last year.

So folks, not much has changed. The challenge continues for managements . To increase the intrinsic motivators (like the work itself, recognition and work challenges ) to off set the clamor for compensation and overseas opportunities.