We managers are so busy doing the hundreds of things that we need to do to keep on top of our jobs. In the pursuit of results are we ignoring our own need to learn? Some managers become complacent with their success and do not recognize the need to constantly improve by learning more and more. Yet others are so busy setting learning goals for those they supervise that they end up having no learning goals for themselves.

Obsolescence is around the corner. To stay ahead of the curve, we need to constantly improve and that comes through setting and achieving learning goals.

These could be in your field of expertise, your domain, your technology, your function or by building your managerial and leadership skills.

If you do not invest time in your own development, no one else will. So go ahead and ask yourself:

  • Have I learnt anything new today?
  • Have I learnt anything new this week?
  • Have I learnt anything new this month?
  • Have I learnt anything new this quarter?

If the answer is that you have not learnt anything substantial, you are as good as dead. Not literally of course, but you face the danger of being swamped in a knowledge-skill intensive world where you could easily be left behind.

Set aside some time for an investment in your own development. Understand what you need to learn and work on acquiring that knowledge or those skills.

Remember, no one and I say that again, no one will be as interested in your development as you.

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