If you thought that CEOs in Bangalore worked all the time, here is some news for you. Economic Times reports an interesting CEO Cook-out.

Wim Elfrink of Cisco, Martin Dlouhy of Metro Cash & Carry and Jean Marc Delpon de Vaux of SABMiller – protagonists for the expat edition of the ET CEO Cookout in Bangalore – shared their recipes and toolkits for the Great Indian Adventure to a rapt audience of 50 CEOs.

Cisco chief globalisation officer Wim Elfrink, who is from the Netherlands, has moved to India from California. Mr Elfrink’s task in India is to create the second hub for Cisco outside the US. Metro Cash & Carry India managing director Martin Dlouhy, who is Czech, has worked in Russia and is working to expand the footprint of Metro in the country. And, SABMiller India MD Jean Marc Delpon de Vaux, who is from France, has sub-continental prior experience: in Pakistan, where he worked with Unilever. Mr de Vaux faces the challenge of capturing market share in what could potentially be the largest beer market left to tap in the world. While Mr Dlouhy moved to India four months back, Mr Elfrink and Mr de Vaux have spent around a year in the country.

Our city of Bangalore is now home to many expats and indeed to people from almost every part of our vast country. Over the years Bangalore’s culture has changed very rapidly. From a typically conservative society, Bangalore has become the “with it” place and a melting pot of different cultures. We have cuisine to suit every palate and dishes from every nook of the globe.

But what about a recipe for Bangalore itself?

My “recipe” for Bangalore:

  1. As the base, take the essentially good natured outlook of the people of Karnataka
  2. Add the spirited aggressiveness of people from other parts of the country which has changed the dynamics of Bangalore’s society
  3. Stir the international nuances brought about by the many global companies here who have influenced cross-cultural norms
  4. Toss in the spice provided by the unreliable political environment which could spoil the dish if it is allowed to boil over
  5. Temper with the strengths of every individual’s commitment to making our city a better place.
  6. Garnish with the leaves of the few trees left in our city ( thank God for them)
  7. Serves: our population of 5,280,000.

Don your apron and chef’s cap. Do your bit to think of a better recipe to make our city the best place to live in for its citizens.