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I would like to share my experience in LinkedIn. It is a networking site for professionals which has as of November 2007 more than 16 million registered users, spanning 150 industries and more than 400 economic regions (as classified by the service).

I first joined LinkedIn in January 2005. I must confess that a paucity of time and other priorities came in the way of my making the best of this network. Recently I decided to connect with old colleagues, friends and business associates who were already in LinkedIn – all of whom I have worked with, in the course of my career as a corporate executive and for the last 7 years as an independent management consultant.

I am pleased with the results. My contacts have grown to over 210 across a wide spectrum of industry and geography. This explains the link to LinkedIn in this blog.

As of now, I have 212 trusted friends and colleagues. For the statistically inclined let me say that they link to 23, 900 others who in turn link to 1,550, 300 + users. Not that I will -but the total users I can contact through an introduction is 1,574,400 +.

If you have not got onto LinkedIn, you might like to join. Use it responsibly to get the best out of all that it offers.

 As is well said “Relationships Matter”.