If you tend to blame your kids for being couch potatoes, ask yourself how active you were during pregnancy ! Recent research from the University of Bristol covering more than 5000 kids of age 10 and 11 found that children whose mothers were more active during pregnancy were more active themselves. They say this is unlikely to be due to factors in the womb but is more likely that women who are active during pregnancy are more likely to be active post-pregnancy, and this in turn influences children’s physical activity.
As well as the link to more active children, the season in which children were born had an effect on how active they were.  The research also indicated that children born during summer to winter were more active than those born in spring.

If the results are anything to go by, it’s all the more reason executives in the course of pregnancy have appropriate amounts of physical activity – not only for their well being but also for that of their to-be-born children !