I was moved to read  about Prof. Randy Pausch’s last lecture at Carnegie Mellon. The 46 year old Professor of Computer Science has been diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer and is expected to live only for a few months more. The father of 3 children aged 5, 2 and 1 prepared a lecture for his kids to see when they are older. Read about it yourself.

The Last Lecture delivered in September has resulted in a media frenzy.
A video of the talk quickly spread over the Internet: the lecture was translated into German, even Mandarin. Dr. Pausch was asked to appear on “Oprah” and “Good Morning America.”

Today, the New York Post reports that in a frenzy for rights to a book based on Dr. Pausch’s lecture, co-authored by Mr. Zaslow, bidding has reached nearly $7 million. The proposed book reportedly will tell the stories behind the wisdom Dr. Pausch dispensed that day.

Very heart warming story of a person who wants to live life to the full right upto the very end.