Scott Adams has given millions around the world great pleasure over the years. Through his cynical look at managers and management using his creation, Dilbert. It now turns out that Adams has been called on to demonstrate those very same managerial skills himself.

In “The Tables Turn for Dilbert’s Creator”, Brad Stone writes in the New York Times: “To make matters worse, this befuddled manager has never run a restaurant before or even supervised another person’s work in more than 20 years. His greatest qualification for the job, one might say, is 17 years spent satirizing cubicle culture. In other words, Scott Adams, the “Dilbert” creator and the progenitor of the multimillion-dollar Dilbert empire, is now a pointy-haired boss himself.”

Adams has been quick to acknowledge his latest challenge in his blog. He writes:” It’s more entertaining than whatever drivel I was planning to spew today, so I direct you to it:” !!